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ProBite™ quick connect plumbing fittings are lead free, meaning they meet the latest ab1953 no lead plumbing law so you can safely use them in applications where water is used for consumption without worrying about lead leakage problems.

QuickFitting, the innovator of ProBite™ lead free Push Connect products, offers a variety of push fittings including: push connect ball valves, supply valves, elbows, tees, couplings, drop ears, and many more. For a complete listing of the ProBite™ product offering you can view our push connect pricing page.

If you live in a state that will soon put the AB1953 Lead Law in effect, there is a great deal that you need to know about lead free plumbing, and how to make the required changes. This law requires the use of lead free brass plumbing fittings. The AB1953 Lead Law goes into effect in the state of California on January 1, 2010, and that date is quickly approaching.

This new law essentially means that your plumbing fittings cannot contain more than 0.25 percent lead content in the pipes and fittings. The plumbing fittings that are affected are any fittings that are used in plumbing designed to carry water to a home or business where the water will be used for human consumption. This law does not affect plumbing fittings that are used for showers, washing machines, or any other type of water supply that is not used for drinking or cooking.

There is no grace period for compliance with the AB1953 Lead Law, and failure to comply will result in fines as high as $6000 for each day that you are not in compliance with the new law, and plumbers, distributors, builders, and manufacturers who are not in compliance also risk civil lawsuits.

This law was passed to protect American citizens from harmful drinking water that contains lead. The presence of lead in our drinking water has led to numerous health issues for adults and children, including lead poisoning and cancer. While California is leading the charge to provide us with lead free drinking water with the use of lead free brass plumbing all other states in the United States will soon follow.

Changing the entire plumbing system for a home or business can be very costly, but this isn’t necessary. You can purchase fittings that essentially snap on, without the use of glues or soldering, and you do not have to change all of the piping that runs to the home or business if you use lead free brass fittings near the point where water comes from a faucet. You can also get lead free brass fittings that connect to copper pipes, CPVC piping, and PEX piping.

If your plumbing fittings must be upgraded to adhere to the new AB1953 Lead Law, this can easily be done using fittings provided by ProBite™. ProBite™ offers push fittings, which are very easy to connect, even if you know little or nothing about plumbing, and these fittings do meet the requirements for the AB1953 Lead Law. ProBite™ provides supply valves, elbows and tees, ball valves, couplings, drop ears, and many other types of plumbing fixtures for consumers and businesses.